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Turnkey Solutions in Qatar, Doha

At Softzone interiors, we specialize in turnkey solutions in Qatar. With our team of skilled professionals, we are equipped to provide our turnkey services in Qatar for your Office, Clinics, Restaurants and Hospitals.

As a leading turnkey service provider in Qatar, we undertake turnkey projects for our clients, from conceptualization to execution. Catering to our client’s design requirements, we create spaces that are functional and aesthetic.

Our team of creative experts oversees these projects, staying in sync with the client’s needs each step of the project. We Softzone interiors, one of the best turnkey solutions in Qatar construct and equip spaces with the required facilities, delivering the project to the client within the allocated budget and timeframe.

Turnkey Solutions in Qatar

Because we understand the importance of a well-planned environment, we follow certain guidelines when it comes to projects. We deliver the project to the client only after it has met there and our quality standards, and is completely ready to operate.

We Softzone interiors accept the new challenges with technology which is engaged to provide complete turnkey solutions in Qatar right from Designing, Consultation, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning and has been rated top most turnkey service providers for offices, hospitals in Qatar.

With the backdrop of extensive research, technical know-how, skills, and professionalism which is vital to elevate and enhance sales and services, the company brings with it a guarantee of quality, reliability, and enduring commitment to our esteemed clients the very important ingredients i.e. Continuous After Sales Service.

Turnkey product and services in Qatar

It is our policy is to achieve the highest customer satisfaction by timely delivery of the products and services at the most and reasonable and competitive prices conforming to high standards achieved through continuous improvement.

Our scope includes:
  • Complete Interior Fitout including- Ceiling, Partitions, Floor, and Wall Finishes.
  • Custom Joinery – wall panels, receptions counters, custom Furniture.
  • MEP Services including AC, Electrical, plumbing.
  • Fit-out design package – including joinery drawings, MEP design pack, interior shop drawings.
  • Project management.


The advantage of the turnkey product is that it isn’t custom-made—it’s easy to mass-produce and ship out, and both sides save on costs this way. But the turnkey company, the business culture of the full-service package and going-the-extra-mile, sometimes this does involve customization.

It isn’t always the easy option. It requires integrity and follow-through and accountability and a level of customer service that, unfortunately, has become all too uncommon in our mass-produced, straight-off-the-conveyor-belt world. But becoming a turnkey company and encouraging the development and growth of that company culture is a laudable goal that sets companies apart.

1. Analyze

The first step is to analyze the problem. This can involve a detailed risk assessment, such as a noise impact assessment, or any other tool meant to discern the nature of a problem so as to address it intelligently and in full.

2. Engineer and Design

Engineer and design based on the information uncovered in step one, the turnkey company can now draw up a solution that works for their client.

3. Manufacturing

Like it says on the tin, this stage is where the solution is made reality and crafted to fit the client’s exact needs, preferably in such a manner that every aspect of the solution and its implementation is taken care of by the turnkey company (e.g., providing everything from acquisition of materials and handling, to building the product, to shipping and delivery of the product).

4. Installation

The fourth and final step in this process is installation. The turnkey company doesn’t merely ship the product off and hope for the best—they monitor and coordinate the installation to ensure proper implementation of the solution. It doesn’t stop there, however. The key to this final stage is follow-through and follow-up. Not only installing the product, but making sure it works and does the job intended, making sure that the client’s expectations are met to the best of the company’s ability—or, when possible, exceeded.

Our common goal is to provide the most exquisite turnkey solutions, showcasing the creativity and world-class credentials of Softzone interiors in Qatar.

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